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Blaise cannon balls into Vermont watering hole. What we do now to oppose environmental contamination -- from fracking for natural gas, to lead leaching out of the landfill -- that will help make sure that one day he can watch his son splash into a watering hole like this, too.

Ok. I’m clearly not alone in my obsession with reducing garbage. This weekend, in the Lower East Side, on the iconic Hester Street no less, there’ll be scores of people (much trendier than me) contemplating their garbage cans and wondering how to keep their shit out of landfill. That’s because this weekend, July 24-25 is Zero Waste Weekend and people will be flocking to the Hester Street Fair to find out more about living urban green.

Here’s a few points from the Hester Street Fair website that I thought were interesting:

Food Scrap Surprise: In my last impromptu science class with my brother the geochemical oceanographer he told me that food will break down in the landfill, but that by composting it, you also get the added byproduct of super-rich soil. Well, according to the Hester Street Fair website, our landfills are so compressed with food waste, that much of it doesn’t even get decomposed. (YAY worm box!)

Electronic overload: 40% of the lead found in our landfills comes from electronic waste. The fear, it seems, is that the toxic lead could leach out of the landfill and into the groundwater.

It’s funny, this weekend in Vermont, we were swimming in a little swimming hole in the bend of a river and I thought how clean and pristine so much of the planet looks. It’s easy to see why so many people don’t want to believe that the earth is in danger. There’s enough much natural beauty to trick us into complacency.

But even in my lifetime I have seen forests turn into subdivisions, farms into shopping malls and wild land become roads that lead to condos or hotels.

It’s not easy, but a first step is education and  re-evaluating all the stuff we believe we need and for me at least, it’s been about trying to figure out how to rethink my disposable lifestyles.  And starting to let the powers that be know that I’m not ok with policies that threaten my natural resources. ( I did send letters to NYC Senate and Congressman telling them that I supported remove the exemption to the Safe Drinking Water Act for frac-ing   Go to  http://gaslandthemovie.com/take-action/contact-elected-officials, they make it super easy.)

Sounds like the Hester Street Fair might be a fun way to get educated and for me a place to safely get rid of that Dell laptop that hasn’t worked since 2005.

Find out more about the Hester Street Fair and Zero Waste Weekend.


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