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Does anyone know how to say compost in Spanish? Actually, its a rhetorical question. I know.  Last night we looked it up, me and my two au pairs — the veteran on her way back to Columbia and her new replacement who just arrived last week from Argentina. I’d enlisted their help because our vermiculture indoor worm box — the miraculous worm condo —  has been, shall we extending its ecosystem into the kitchen  Don’t get grossed out,  the worms are not escaping — although in the last worm bin I had several years ago, they did climb the clear walls when I turned their a little too swampy — this time it’s fruit flies.

Which brings me to rhetorical question number 2 — how do you get rid of fruit flies? An apple cider vinegar trap of course. It’s easy to make, just put a bit of apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a cup and add a funnel so that the flies can go down, but can’t get back up. It’s working more or less.

I wish it would work a bit more. Because two days ago I go I got a call from Zane’s teacher,”The children are asking about their worms and rolly pollies.”

When I got the worm bin last June it was light. There was one layer of compostable material topped with tons of slightly damp newspaper. Then there was one layer of compost — perfectly moist and as pretty as the cookie crumbs and gummy worms you see on  a “dirt”  pudding dessert. Little did those worms know that when the kids were on vacation, I put them to work.

You have to remember, my goal has been to reduce garbage and eat from the farmer’s market. that means we’ve had a lot of veggies come through the house this summer. Even though I make a ton of vegetable stock and I don’t compost those remains because they made the bin way too messy. Even though I throw out our fair trade banana peals. Even though we were away for two weeks in the summer, our bins are overflowing. It’s amazing how much garbage we make.

Ok. I know I am not selling indoor composting, but I really love it. Despite the flies (Which are going away!)

“I hope you are not getting to attache to the bin,” the teacher said in her voicemail. Well, the truth is I have.  But no worries, I found this YouTube video detailing how to make myself a  new one. And I’ll never give that one up!

Worm bin resources:
If you’re not into the do it your self option, you can  Get your condo at the Union Square. But I have to warn you,  they call this a condo, but seriously, the copy must have been written by a NYC real estate agent. Cozy studio would be a better description. However, this is a great type of bins to use if you have smaller children. It’s clear and the kids can see the whole process happening.


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