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My neighbor and fellow bus-stop-mom-friend said that her mother-in-law treks her plastic up to Rhode Island and that Rhode Island will take #1 and #2 plastic. I was excited because the trunk of my car is filled with plastic that I have been collecting since April. Lately, my frustration with the pile of garbage in my house has made me want to toss those suckers into the trash. Then last night we watched Addicted to Plastic on the Sundance Channel.

Addicted to Plastic was good on a lot of levels. It wasn’t a judgmental. It simply laid out the history of plastic over the last 100 years. In a nutshell, when petro-chemical plastic was created they thought it would change how we live and give us more leisure time.  It’s amazing in that it can be used to make a whole wide range of super durable stuff. Except for a small percentage of down cycling, every piece of plastic that was ever created still exists.

But the biggest WTF for me was the whirlpools of plastic floating around in the ocean — everything from garden furniture to tiny bits and bobs — they referred to the ocean as plastic soup. The smaller bit mimic organic food like fish egg and  are easily ingested by fish and other marine wildlife.  And to make matters worse the chemistry of plastics attracts other toxic pollutants.  By entering the food chain, the toxic stuff is passed on to our plates. Once again, I find you can’t think about food without thinking about garbage.

But it’s not all bad news. Many companies are investigating in creating plastics from plants. These bio plastics are bio degradable and sometimes compostable — like the SunChips bag or the container from my Farmer’s Market beans. They can be made from renewable raw materials like starch from corn, potato, tapioca, or other plants and vegetables.

Ironically we are going to Rhode Island this weekend. As I gleefully went through my plastic I found that one of my  little evil cups is made by Trellis Earth. Not only is this bio plastic compostable but it also breaks down in the airless environment of the landfill — paper towels don’t even do that! (See below for more scientific explanation.) I wish I could remember where that bit of plastic came from — so I could go back and eat take out guilt free.

Where to watch Addicted to Plastic:


From the Trellis Earth website:

“Yes, Trellis Earth™ products are made from ingredients that when decomposed become inert elements supportive of natural biological processes with non-toxic results. Our products are specifically engineered to biodegrade in the anaerobic conditions of a landfill using state-of-the-art technology.  Many critics of biodegradable plastics technology are not familiar with this technology and are only disparaging old technology when they denounce efforts to introduce biodegradability via anaerobic microbiological activity.  Making high biomass content bio-plastic blends biodegradable in the landfill has become an approach pioneered by Trellis Earth.”  Learn more >


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