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Ten years ago, I bought a leather sofa. I was pregnant and I wanted something durable. Leather seemed like a good choice. I even paid for the special , “We fix it if it rips insurance.”  I never for a moment thought about the politics of buying leather or if the cow I was sitting on was grass-fed. Ah, those were the good old days.

Meanwhile fast forward, a decade later — or really two boys later — and the sofa is shot. The leather is fine. It’s perfect in fact. But the frame had not survived the years of, “Get off the couch. Now!”

So for about a year now, we’ve been sitting on a sofa with a dip in the back and a big hole in the middle so that when you sit down, you sink down and hit the wooden frame. I knew it had to go.

Last weekend, I inherited my parent’s living room sofa. But when it came to removing our not-so-gently used leather sofa, I didn’t want to just leave it on the side of the road. I mean, the couch was busted, but the leather was not. It seemed a waste to toss it.

I called Wearable Collections, the people who gather textiles at the Green Markets around New York City. I had recently learned that they divert scrap fabric from the landfills, but I wasn’t sure if they would take leather.

“Sure,” the guy said, “If they’re big pieces they’ll get re used.”

Maybe I’m crazy, but this made me happy.

So, we got to work. All and all in didn’t take that much time.  As an added bonus, I also recycled the metal legs and any loose screws (no jokes please). Then we hacked the frame with the joy and abandonment of a punk band in a 70’s hotel room.

Hey, you know what they say, recycling can be fun.

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