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In light of my last post chastising the world for not jumping on my green bandwagon (now that I finally woke up and smelled the garbage), I thought I should blog about something fun and inspiring.

The bottle boat sails to Sidney
The Plastiki is  a boat made from t2,500  plastic bottles,  reclaimed aluminum and a proprietary  100 percent re-use cashew and sugar glue.  Inspired by Kon Tiki, the
raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands, the Plastiki mission is to sail from America to Australia, raise awareness, and “beat waste.” It looks like they are about 3/4s of the way to Sidney, but you can track their voyage at the Plastiki control center.

The My Plastiki Pledge
I took the Myplastiki pledge to not use plastic bottles, bags or styrofoam. And since I have been feeling so desolate about whether my drop in the bucket is making a difference, I found these statistics really heartening:

According to Myplastiki.com, the Pacific Ocean alone is polluted with about 100 million tons of floating trash, 80-percent of which came from land-based sources. But they promise that my individual effort directly affects that number by stopping its rise.  By pledging to stop using bottled water, plastic bags and styrofoam containers, they say I will eliminate an average of about 170 plastic water bottles, 330 plastic bags, and 20 pounds of polystyrene foam containers, cups and packaging.

Frightening fact from the site
Nearly every plastic bottle made still exists today.” I wonder about that as a scare tactic. All those years when I was putting my plastic bottle into the recycling bin, did they not  get crushed up and reused? Or by “exist”, do they mean floating around in some way or another — maybe in landfills, maybe floating in iceberg like chunks in the oceans, maybe in the bottom of rivers,  maybe in made from recycled bottles. I wonder. I guess I need to put it on  my list of things to find out which I am now formalizing into a page.

This raises an ethical question. I haven’t bought a bottle of anything since I started the CalibansKitchen blog. But I have from time to time grabbed a bottle of  water, especially during work. Often there will be bottles of water bought for a meeting and from time to time I have grabbed one. My thought was, they were bought already, so why not drink them. But maybe if nobody took those bottles of water (or complained about them), catering would stop bringing them.

Plastiki Reggatta
I think Blaise and Zane would be super psyched to create mini Plastiki boats that they could sail. It might be fun to get build boats and get them ready to sail in the boat pond in Central Park on or around when the real boat hits Sidney Harbor. Anybody interested in joining in?

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