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When I started this bog I blithely developed the tag line: “What’s it take to eat sustainably in NYC?”  In retrospect. I  was really clueless. I thought living green was going to be sort of simple. And despite the green lip service and green washing out there that makes it appears that the whole world is on board, it isn’t.

The bottom line is the practical day-to-day has just been plain hard — at least for me.
It’s one thing to swap out your industrial hen-house eggs for pastured eggs —  that’s part of it. And it’s not just about deciding (or getting comfortable with) paying more for  food. It’s mostly about rethinking  how I’m going to interact with the world. And, as anyone who’s been tracking my progress is well aware, being pissed off that my moral and ethical choices are inconveniencing my lifestyle.

So really the question I needed to raise was not, can a person live sustainably in NYC, because clearly people are doing it. But as a corporate working mom with hippy good intentions, can I? After two months, the answer is sort of.

However, rather than beating myself up for all the ways I’m not green enough, I thought I would take a quick audit of what parts of my life I’ve managed to green up in the last two month.

What does my  little-bit-greener life look like? Well, I’ve:

  • Shifted to 90% Farmer’s Market produce
  • Signed up for a CSA
  • Quit purchasing any beef except a little bit of grass-fed beef (Although I do have to caveat this by admitting I have allowed Zane to get an occasional burger in a restaurant)
  • Switched to grass-fed milk for the kids
  • Switched to pastured turkey for kid’s taco meals
  • Made the My Plasticki pledge to cut out water bottles and Styrofoam
  • Quit seltzer
  • Collected juice packet to Terracycle
  • Reduced take out lunch to 1x or less a week
  • Started baking bread
  • Purged my pantry of Chinese food containers and other #5 plastic (I’ll explain why in my next bog)

Sure there’s still more changes that I need to make. But that’s what the rest of the year is for. Right?


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