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It was Earth Day,  and we’re working late. Both of us are in K’s office finishing up the last minute deadline. This weeks, what-do-you-mean-you-didn’t-know-it-was due tomorrow deadline.

“I’m hungry. Let’s order in.”

So I look up places to deliver on Menu Pages. I think about the garbage that any take out is going to bring in, but right now I don’t care. It’s almost 8. I’m hungry. And my justification is that I’m not going to do this a lot.

Justification. It’s a beautiful thing.

Because it’s so late, we decide not to order, but to walk across the street and see what’s open. There’s always Chipotle,the wheel-heeled cousin of MacDonald’s, which is also across the street. But I really want sushi, so we try the Japanese restaurant on 41st street first.

We are in luck. They are clearly closing up, but they haven’t shut the register. All the pre-made sushi in the case is 20% off. My nose for a bargain is excited. My instinct for self preservation feels a bit shaky. Nobody wants “fishy” sushi.  All that’s left is little packs. So not only am I stuck making garbage, but I’m stuck buying three or four cute little containers of questionably fresh fish.

As we are paying, I ask K,”Do you mind if we use one bag?”

“Sure,” she says. It’s one of my least weird requests and actions over the last few weeks.

“Just one bag,” I tell the cashier. She nods as if she understands. Then she grabs another plastic bag to put our miso soups which are each already wrapped and tied up in a clear plastic bag like goldfish from a pet store. She looks really confused.

“I’ll carry it,” I tell her. It’s as if the words don’t registers. She can’t figure out what I’m doing or why.

“I don’t want to make garbage,” I tell her.

She nods politely as if anything I’ve said has made sense.

We get back to the office and start to unwrap.

“Can you do me a favor?” I ask K. “When you uwrap your miso, can you untie the bag so I can save and re-use it.”

“Sure,” she says in her signature sing-song tone of voice.

I’m not sure if sushi is sustainable. I’m not sure if tuna or salmon or any of the fishes I’ve bought are on the endangered list. Last I heard, we were not supposed to eat wild salmon because it was being over fished. And I’m pretty sure the salmon sushi is not wild — it’s got that pale farmed salmon color. Of course farmed salmon are fed corn. I had stopped eating it a few years ago because the environmental impact fish farming has on the sea. Apparently it really messes with the eco system. But honestly, as I’m choosing my dinner, I don’t even remember that I know anything about salmon being an issue. It doesn’t cross my mind, until I sit down tonight to write about it.

In the  moment, I just want sushi.  So we get back to the office and we sit down to eat, and it’s pretty delicious.  After we’re done, K says, “Are you going to save all these little containers?”

I nod yes, I collect them all — hers and mine — and bring them to the sink in the kitchen.

They wash out very easily and once clean they fit together neatly in a nice clean stack. The tiny silver soy sauce tray is adorable. They can easily be re-used. And, now that I’ve committed to not buy more plastic wrap or ziploc bags, I am sure they will come in handy. What we don’t use for containers, I am sure the kids can use for arts and crafts projects.

Still it is not a small bag. I wonder what I would do if I couldn’t get rid of these bits and bobs of plastic. I have a flash of my apartment, which is pretty cluttered as it is, cram packed with empty containers, shiny soy sauce trays, and pretty red chopstick wrappers. And I think, maybe if I am stuffed to the gills with garbage, I’ll chose not to make more more often.

One can only hope.

Links for more info on what kind of salmon we should eat:

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