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Zane named one of our local tomatoes Tomatoanna Jones. This little red friend who came from an amazing local grocery store called EarthFare went on a bunch of adventures with the kids.

On our way to Tennessee, I bought a bunch of locally grown tomatoes from a gentleman in a town  in Virgina called Damascus. I asked him if he knew where I could buy eggs and he made a phone call to a friend. Unfortunately his friend was out of eggs. I was worried. I’d tried to do my research before we left, but the farmers markets I’d found on-line were on Saturdays. We arrived on Sunday. I thought I would find farm stands along the way. No luck.

Boone, North Carolina is the closest large town. Our next door neighbor promised that I’d find a lot of organic produce at a supermarket called EarthFare. She was more than right. EarthFare is an amazing grocery store. philosophically, they were very in line with where I am right now. In fact, they claim that they only sell meat and dairy that has been humanely treated. Here’s what No Inhumane treatment means to EarthFare. In addition to buying local produce, buying humanely non-industrial meat and dairy has been at the top of my list.  I bought bacon for the first time in months.

My niece Emily told me that she and Tomatoanna Jones fought a black bear, a mountain lion, and a bobcat -- all before lunch.

I also loved that they labelled what was local. I was able to buy local, organic Vidalia onions, cucumbers and  of course tomatoes. Plus the prices were really great — from produce to dairy to bulk grains and flours.

Tomatoanna Jones went for a dip in Lake Watauga before he joined us for dinner.

I think we even bought  enough tomatoes to make gazpacho — a normal summer staple that I haven’t made yet this summer. Sorry, Tomatoanna Jones. Today may have been your last adventure.

For a quick overview of organic labeling and the basics of why you might want to eat and buy organic, check out this video from EarthFare:

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