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This morning the boys woke me up singing, “It’s your birthday.” We have a surprise they said. And they brought me to a breakfast table laid out with two beautiful tubs of Maple Hill Creamery yogurt and an overflowing salad bowl of fruit. Healthy. Delicious. But sustainable? Probably not, due to the kiwis and sublimely sweet pineapple.  But I’m not worrying about tropical fruit just yet. First on my list of sustainable foods to figure out is milk and dairy.

The yogurt has a great flavor and super smooth texture. It’s a little less sweet than your average commercial yogurt but definitely not tart like good old 70s yogurt machine yogurt. The kids would have liked it a little more sugary — but then again, they grew up on yobaby, which although organic, had probably as much sugar as ice cream. In the end, Blaise like it as a dip for his fruit.

According to a ton of different sources, grass fed has so many benefits — nutritionally and environmentally. For a lot of reasons, I’ll get into later, I have been trying to make the move to only grass fed dairy for home. So far, I’ve had a tough enough time finding grass fed milk, so yogurt was certainly a gift.

The yogurt tub label says 100% Grass Fed Cows. And the web site says the dairy is in the Catskills, which for me right now, is about as close as I can get to local (Hey, it’s a day trip in the car!) I quickly glanced at the web site to see where they sell their products – the closest place to me was Zabars which is only 90 odd blocks away. Not super convenient if we run out of yogurt at midnight and we need it for a kid’s lunch the next day. But I know one of the challenges I’m going to face is to face up to the fact that I can’t always get exactly what I want exactly when I want it.

Later when I asked, John said he bought it at the LifeThyme in the village. I’m assuming that means it’s expensive and therefore special treat yogurt. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Although I started out the day with a bowl of grass fed yogurt, the rest of the day was a bust. Most of my choices were standard industrial agriculture choices. There’s so much in my house that is part of the spend-too- much-energy-to-create-food-that-creates-too-much-waste-and-could-have-bad-stuff-in-it chain. I know I need to purge. But for now, it’s my birthday, so I guess I’ll be ok with my delicious, creamy, baby step.

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