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A lot of my posts at the beginning were about how embarrassed I felt that I didn’t know more about sustainable eating or eco-friendly living. John has been saying all along that nobody is doing it perfectly. I’m starting to see that he’s right.

Farmers Market Camaraderie:

Saturday morning, I was on line to buy apples at the usual farm stand when I spotted potatoes. I normally potatoes from another farmer but they were right there.

“I wonder,” I mused out loud, “if they spray.”

“I don’t know. I hope not,” the woman on line behind me said.

“Why don’t they put up signs. I feel like an idiot walking around the market asking ‘is that organic?’ over again.

“I know, ” she said. “that’s how I feel, too.”

What do you do about batteries?

Sunday morning, last baseball game of the season. A friend came up to me.

“I read your blog,” she said.  She didn’t have much time. “I’ll tell you what’s been my issue for years, yogurt containers.”

“You can recycle them at Whole Foods,” I told her. “They take all #5 plastic.”

“And batteries, that’s the other thing.”

I didn’t have an answer for that, so  I went to my friend Earth 911. Apparently, Staples, Best Buy and Radio Schack all recycle both s and rechargeable batteries including Nickle Cadmium batteries.

Alkaline batteries on the other hand are not recycled. According to the New York City Wasteless website.   Standard alkaline batteries are not considered hazardous waste in the city, since they no longer contain mercury. They say to place these batteries with your regular trash, not in your recycling bin. From a quick google search, it seems that may not be quite right. I need to do some research. (I’m adding,  “Are regular batteries hazardous?” to my frequently thought about questions page)

NYC recycling centers will also take the rechargeable batteries along with all those new light bulb that contain mercury.

Other recycling links:

Earth 911
Digital Tips
Whole Foods ( #5 plastic and Britta water filters)
Aveda (bottle caps, which are also #5)

The Aveda program looks like it might be a caps for charity type of thing. I need to do more research — tomorrow!


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