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We dropped the kids off at Camp Fuller in Rhode Island on Sunday. For lunch before we ate in a little seafood place right on Point Judith Marina. David, my friend who had also been to Camp Fuller, reminded me that we used to canoe up to this place for ice cream. We had clam cakes – which are basically donuts made with big chunks. They’re a greasy bite from my childhood.

There’s definitely a place in my life for nostalgic eating.

But, after we dropped them off, John and I searched for a local table. It was a bit slim pickings. Once place in New London looked great, but it was closed after 4. I had thought there might be something in Mystic, CT. All John saw on the web was a juice bar, but we  stopped anyway.

We parked on a side street and as we wandered toward the main drag I spotted a little store with a mannequin with a bright pink messenger bag that read: Make Love Not Trash. It was like I had found my battle cry.

The shop, called Chartreuse, was filled with fun folky recycled or reclaimed “earth-friendly” clothes and accessories.

I talked to Beth the owner of the shop. Originally a textile designer, she was teaching a class in recycling and post consumer textiles and her students began to bring in examples of recycled materials – clothing, handbags, coasters, etc. She thought, all this amazing stuff should be in under one roof.  So five years ago, she opened shop.

She says that she racked her brains for a name for the shop, but finally landed on her favorite color – chartreuse. She was pleased to notice that the word art was buried in chartreuse, but then was amazed to realize that when you break out chartreuse – you get art and reuse too!

I loved the tote bags made out of old newspapers and the gorgeous purses made out of old soda tabs from Escama Studio. Apparently, there was a messenger bag that had just been sold. And of course, there was this fun funky bag from MakeLoveNotTrash

Check out Chartreusue

3 Pearl Street
Mystic CT 06355
860-536- 1409



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Self portrait with potato chip bag.

Yesterday I didn’t pack lunch. Instead of grabbing a salad, I ordered a tuna sandwich — more calories but less garbage in the form of plastic containers. I didn’t think about whether or not the tuna they were mixing up  was dolphin safe,  (but if you are interested  Earth Island has an updated list of which brands are).

I was mostly thinking comfort food. I ate so many tuna sandwiches when I was a kid, I developed an allergy to tuna in my teens. As I was checking out, I was swayed by the lovely display of overpriced potato chips sitting by the cash register. There’s nothing I love more with a tuna sandwich than potato chips. Before I knew it, I had bought them.

After the sandwich was eaten, the last deliciously greasy chip demolished and the crumbs swept into my work garbage, I stared at the bag. I couldn’t just throw it away. When I held it,  I could tell it was never going to decompose — I could feel it in my bones.

I started digging around the internet to see if there was any info on potato chip bags. I mean, I know they were no SunChips, but maybe there was some hope or some place to recycle them. So  far no luck. Here’s what I did find about Miss Vickie’s kettle cooked chips:

According to the pack, Miss Vickie’s is distributed by Frito Lay. After a little bit more digging around, I found that they are a Canadian company originally from Ontario. And according to Wikipedia:

“Miss Vickie’s unique packaging was custom created by Mobil Chemical Canada Ltd., of Belleville, Ontario. It was created not only to improve the look of the package, but also for its better sealability and moisture and oxygen barrier.”

I wasn’t excited to find out that they my little slip sent a dollar vote both to both the food corporate giant Frito Lays and to Mobile. Plus, the bag is probably a petroleum-based innovation.

Ok. So know I’m stuck with my bag. It’s pretty durable. I could probably use it to hold other stuff. (Not that I need another bag like that). Another option is Terracycle takes Frito Lay chip bags — I’m checking to see if they’ll take this brand. Not sure on that either.

If you can’t beat it, wear it?
Meanwhile I found this fun art project  for making a bracelet out of potato chip bags. They said it was a kind of recycling — which I guess it is. The kids would probably like it. One of the sites said not to use the fun size, maybe I can make a ring?

Maybe, but until I know exactly what that Miss Vickie’s bag is made of, I’m not sure I’d pop it in the oven with my kids watching.

Links to chip bag bracelet art project:




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